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community safety.
community abundance.

SWOP MPLS is dedicated to destigmatizing and decriminalizing sex work in Minnesota, starting in Minneapolis, empowering the lives of sex workers in our local Minneapolis community, and providing resources for sex workers to survive and thrive.

National SWOP Values 

these are the five values of SWOP-USA

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All sex workers deserve dignity + respect, while surviving and thriving.


All sex workers deserve community and safe communal spaces, online and in-person.


All sex workers deserve the right to self determination, through agency + autonomy.


All sex workers deserve accountability from the organizations that organize with integrity to support them.


All sex workers deserve a life where their work is regarded as labor to survive under capitalism, with the same worker protections given to other types of labor.

SWOP | MPLS Values

our three Minneapolis-specific SWOP values


SWOP MPLS centers Black liberation in our organizational structures, in our community resources + connections, and in our understanding of liberatory movements. Black liberation movements are deeply connected to sex worker organizing movements, often intertwining liberation through bodily autonomy under violent systems of oppression.


SWOP MPLS centers accessibility + inclusivity in our creation of resources, our planning of community spaces, and our commitment to Disability Justice organizationally. Accessibility and inclusivity connect to our actions, which are rooted in justice and equity.


SWOP MPLS centers compassionate integrity in our organizational responsibility, our financial transparency to community, and our personal commitment to restorative practices. Compassionate integrity is represented through micro-level interpersonal connections and on a macro-level with our intrapersonal community coalition + support.

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